New cryptocurrency of adult is born!

With the merge of cryptocurrency and sexy actresses, a project where can meet in virtual reality has started! The ICO of "cryptocurrency x VR" which transmits Japanese sexy actresses to the world, Last day of pre-sale will end on October 31!


It surpasses the past adult ICO!

Recently, the cryptocurrency is a hot topic in every news. There are famous cryptocurrency such as bit coin etc. but there is no other established coin for the adult industry. A new cryptocurrency "Angelium" is made and VR project utilizing block chains has started. Watch and enjoy videos using VR while making money by buying angelium coin. Pricing will possibly after listing on the cryptocurrency exchange. There is no doubt that you will "feel the pleasure" more than ever with the fusion of VR! It is now in the final pre-sale and purchase at a lower price than the past listing of the cryptocurrency exchange. The deadline ends on October 31st, so don’t miss it!

Enhance service through collaboration with strong partners

Recently, there are a lot of bad news about ICO in cryptocurrency. But this time, with the cooperation of our strong partners, our purpose is to enrich and maximize the service side to the angelium project

Collaboration with "No. 2" site in domestic VR market

Adult Fiesta VR has decided content and platform tie-up with "adult festa" with over 800,000 members worldwide. We are also planning of introducing a payment system with Angelium in the future as well. We will introduce new content to adult festa one after another.

Pleasure reaches the limit using a VR interlinked device

With the technical cooperation with VORZE, a provider of a Japan leading masturbating machine, we will be releasing a various devices that will work according to the events in the virtual world. We can provide a high quality services in partnership with adult goods companies that can be expressed in Japan's technical capabilities and provide high quality products to the world.

Angelium participating actress

Sexy actresses who participate in Angelium exceeds"200 people"Beyond that, actresses that can meet again in virtual reality appeared one after another!


Collaboration with the legendary Raphael

Raphael has already established a solid position as a Youtuber. He has been widely active from the process of using a Japanese sword and iron balls for the adult project involving a lady from a cabaret club and a sexy actress. Currently, he has 1.62 million youtube subscribers and 140,000 followers on Instagram. We also collaborated Angelium on Youtube and Raphael is now cooperating with us to make our new cryptocurrency more exciting in the future!

Watch a video with Mr. Raphael

The beginning of the new cryptocurrency

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has been attracting attentions in a way of quick start-up financing just like the article about Mozilla’s former CEO has quickly raised $35 million in just 30 seconds. There are advantages of such as trading commission, small investment, high investment return by buying and selling the cryptocurrency in a low price before listing in the ICO. There is no clue of numbers of people who became billionaire but it is the way of attention for investment recently.

Angelium Video Technology

There have been many attempts to fuse adults and 3D, but most of them has a very low quality. However, we have gathered a team that excels the 3d adult production! The executive member of Angelium has named their International cultural awardee members who makes movies and animations. Speaking of the virtual world, the power of Angelium has welcomed the development team members including (Chief Technology Officer: Brett Hartshorn) of the world known sci-fi movie “MATRIX’’. It possesses the application technology of the world’s first 3D technology linked with blockchain and wallet. This project has a team that capable of creating a high quality 3D models to provide a new VR experience that will definitely men will be excited for.

Angelium introduction video

Sexy unit "AIVY" appeared!

"AIVY" sexy idol unit has seriously started and entered the entertainment industry.

What is the new unit AIVY?

Real x virtual “next-generation sexy idol unit” shock debut ! That is “AIVY”. 

We have already made a live debut in Taiwan and held live even in Taipei!

August 30, 2018: Press Conference @ DOZO Taipei

August 31, 2018: Live @ CLUB WAVES Taipei

"AIVY" live video in Taipei

Participate in worldwide conferences

We will exhibit at conferences all over the world start with a view of global developing! We have already made speeches in Tokyo, Thailand, Taiwan, and Philippines, and we are beginning to fascinate the world! We have already received a high response and a large number of inquiries. We are glad to introduce the new cryptocurrency called Angelium!

Rio Takeshi Kubo( Founder )

Rio Takeshi Kubo and Brett Hartshorn was named after the executive committee. Rio Takeshi Kubo is a former AVEX entertainment producer and artist. He won the International Cultural Award for providing music for movies and anime, and has also held a world tour of more than 200 performances. He has also performed at the government friendship memorial concert held in Japan, Korea, and China. Brett Hartshorn was a 3D Artist of the movie Matrix, a big break in the world. We are involved in the design and development of Angelium's 3D technology space and web integration wallet.

Rio Takeshi Kubo

It's not just about the major Japanese media, it's also about the various media all over the world!

You can get up to 30% bonus on Angelium

Now you can receive a bonus of up to 30% Angelim depending on the number of purchases you make! With the new cryptocurrency called Angelium, the world of adult x virtual reality will become a reality with the help of the team who familiar with Entertainment and blockchain technology in the future! Since you can expect the price increase of the Angelium after the listing, it would be the best Bliss to earn money while watching the adult VR! ?Now you can get a maximum bonus of up to 30%, it is the ICO of the adult industry that you can aim for a high return sufficiently with a little investment.

How to buy

Step 1

Go to the middle of the top page and click Get it Now!

Step 2

Decide purchase amount and select "Add to cart". Please read the notes and the white paper firmly and then proceed.

Step 3

Next, confirm the amount purchased and select "Proceed to Checkout. If there is an error in the contents of the order, you can cancel or change the quantity here.

Step 4

If you have not registered your account yet, please put your information here. Please read the White Paper on the website and the "notes" on the first page carefully Click to check the "I've read and accept the term & Conditions" after reading and then click "Place Order" to proceed with Order Confirmation

Step 5

Copy the BTC address here or scan the QR code from the wallet that contains the BTC from your smartphone, then check the amount and send the BTC. t takes a certain amount of time to authenticate the bitcoin payment, even though it has become quite fast recently. If you can confirm that BTC has been sent from your wallet, you can safely close the screen as it is.

Step 6

You will receive an email notifying you that your order has been placed using the email address you registered. Once ANGELIUM has received the BTC and has been authenticated, click on My Account from the menu of the top page within 3 business days, and after logging in, your order will reflect on the dashboard, please check it.